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2:41 a.m. // 23 June 2003

I am twentyfour today.

Yesterday Dwayne and I bought a washer and dryer at the resale shop in Lewisville. Well, actually, he bought a dryer (that doesn't plug in to our outlet here) and I bought a washer and a SUZUKI OMNICHORD SYSTEM TWO for twenty bucks. Bow down before its awesomeness!

I had to work but the spca benefit was at dan's next door, so instead of eating dinner I saw doko demodoa play for like four songs. I was supposed to watch Jackson 8 at midnight after getting off work, but the schedule was running early so they'd already played by the time I got there. sniff sniff. I haven't seen them play for a long-ass time, and they have a couple of new songs I haven't heard. When I did get there, I caught the last two Marked Men songs and the sound was really great.

Today Dwayne and I went to my family's house and my parents cooked for my birthday. We had salad with ranch dressing and spaghetti with clam sauce, very good. My mom also roasted a chicken because she thought there wouldn't be enough food, but no one touched it. My mommy made me a mango cake! And my dad was funny.

Karen: Dad's starting a new business. Tell them about your new business!
Dad: Dating service.
Us: [baffled looks.]
Dad: It's not what you think. [beat.] It's a dating service for my socks. Too many singles.

On our way back to Denton d.ray and I ran into some wicked traffic, I-35E was backed up for miles. I got on the frontage road and inched along for a while, until we got to the lake park where we waited it out. I had said in the morning that I'd never been to the lake and that we should go sometime. ohhhh, we watched birds and stuck our feet in the water. It was a million times nicer than stopping and starting on the highway.

By the time we got home I had to throw away all the food my mom sent me home with, because it had been sitting in a hot car for two and a half hours. gross. me sad about having to throw away birthday cake. Let this be a lesson to me to buy an ice chest.

we went to the steve's bbq benefit for like three songs of lo-fi chorus. wanted to see budapest one but we had to go grab dinner and go to mable's for the show. Raised by Tigers was cool -- I think I only saw them once before, a long long time ago -- and I liked the touring band Unit 7 Drain. They are much better than their name, which for me conjures up the band Drain6th or whatever they're called, plus images of crappy bands with numerals in their names.

Things looked bleak because there weren't that many people there, but everyone came to see Silver Arrows. Silver Arrows went from like there [hand at chest level] to THERE [hand way above head] with this show. They were tight (except for the false starts at the very beginning) and JR's singing has gotten a lot better and the sound was great. And that last song -- a kind of free jazz dance party with guest saxophone too? whew. good job. Also, JR said before the show that they were going to dress glam for the show, but apparently only half the band knew it.


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