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2:24 a.m. // 30 June 2003

Today was Nazli's 21st birthday -- Dwayne and I started off the day by getting woken up by a phone call inviting us to a birthday brunch. Initially I declined based on the fact that we were asleep, but then as I started coming to, I realized that we were no longer asleep, and therefore could probably drag our asses out to brunch.

After eating Dwayne and I looked at animals in the pet store and tried to find Nazli a good journal. I never found one. Instead we bought packs of undershirts at Wal-Mart, but didn't realize that "generous length" meant "this wifebeater-like shirt is long enough for you to wear as a minidress." oh... we also got lots of really cheap movies: Shaft, some movie starring Gene Simmons and Ozzy, some movie presented by Quentin Tarantino, Malcolm X, Manny and Lo, Ali and Hedwig. Neat.

Tonight at Mable's was Mister Furious (who sounded top-notch tonight) and a last-minute addition, Dead Like Dallas from Portland. They call themselves emo hardcore (apparently) and though I don't dig their style of music, they were super-nice guys. I bought a cool crocodile T-shirt. The guy who was supposed to headline, Morris Taylor from Lewisville, never showed up.

Then a drunk (or worse) guy outside tried to give me a cider, but I said I was about to leave and declined. He brought a box over and sat by me and opened it and said: "Makeup?" I said I didn't do makeup, and he looked at my face and said, "You should." Then he wanted to dance to Abba.

Drunk strangers are creepy and weird; drunk friends are somewhat amusing. Nazli was very drunk. When Dwayne and I showed up, she squealed with glee.

Our house gained a lot of loot this weekend. On Saturday Dwayne's mom and stepdad came to visit and they gave me the Atari 10-in-1 gamey thing, and it rules. They also brought us a toaster oven and an electric griddle and a power drill and a skill saw and some other kind of saw, because they were cleaning out their house. The toaster oven especially presents A WHOLE NEW WORLD OF POSSIBILITIES. Also, Dewey helped Dwayne bolt down the back seat in the van so I won't die by flying out. Radical.


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