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11:52 p.m. // 21 September 2004

Jackson 8's Sunday show was full of guest appearances and new songs. We did three new songs -- one instrumental that actually got its debut last week but that I keep messing up on at the end, one Motown-y number that Dwayne wrote for Landrest for "Who Writes the Hits?" a few weeks back, and one that I told Dwayne should be about something sneaky, so it's about sneaking around. Becca sang backup for the Landrest song, Breitarsch went crazy on the geetar and hit that tambo.

We played with our pals th' Fine Lines from Mo. One reviewer called them a "derivative gem," and I find that most fitting. They're strictly influenced by thee Headcoats/Headcoatees/B. Childish camp, but they're really danceably fun, raw and garage-y with boy-girl vox.

Tah-Dahs also did that thing they do, and bless um for it. They won over some of my friends. It was also the debut! of Bad Route, which apparently is a R. Tenenbaums reference that is too obscure for me to have caught. (Unless I'm being lied to again.) It is Josh on his purty guitar doing rockabilly songs alongside Chris B. standing up behind a tom, a snare. Both have mics with the sass level turned to eleven.

T.F.Lines crashed here. In the morning Josh and I bought them to Recycled and the Brickhaus, where I was overcome by fuzzy vision and an inability to concentrate. I thought it was low blood sugar but coffee and a burrito didn't help, and it turned into a brainstomper of a headache. I slinked off and slept enough for one night during the day.

Then Dwayne and I overslept for the show that night. I woke up at 9:45 and realized we were supposed to be at Mable's. Landrest did one of their best-sounding shows I've heard, and joshaa and I were just floored. You might attribute it to the sound balance but I think it was the painted forest backdrop. They have a new song about a robot, and I like songs about robots. SDS called me out to thank me for my article on them, except I was in the bathroom and I'm told that Kayci shouted, "She's peein'! She's takin' a pee!" When I emerged from the ladies' room, everyone clapped and I was very confused. It was like the Oscars. They put on a solid live show and the crowd loved it, which was good because last time they played to only a handful of people after the previous band's disturbing bout of full-frontal nudity.

Razor Tag got everyone up front and dancin'. I was standing behind Josh and over his shoulder I accidentally caught Nazli makin' faces at him. I felt like an intruder but it was terribly cute. I guess that's kind of a metaphor for their set, because she and Ashley look like they're just having fun getting drunk and banging out music in their practice space. Then I saw Switchblade Razors for the first time, even though Dwayne and Josh and David let me listen to a few practices. They were lit by one red bulb, and the burlesque video I played on the TVs turned out blue instead of black and white.


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