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10:07 a.m. // 19 November 2004

Kept busy. This week, overtime; last week, not only overtime but also three lunch shifts at my dad's restaurant. One of the counter workers quit while my folks were on a two-week cruise. I was worried about having to work 40+ hours at my real work plus some 15 hours at the restaurant IN DALLAS, but it turned out okay. The drive, not taken during rush hour, took as little as 30 minutes on some of the days. The work itself was familiar even though I hadn't worked there for six or seven years.

My dad, worried on the phone, was apparently surprised to hear that I had come in to pick up some of the slack. I really don't go to the restaurant, or to Dallas at all, these days. The strip mall has changed; there's a Starbucks next door and a trendy-ish diner-cafe place bookending the strip. My dad's place is pretty much a surviving dinosaur.

The jay eight also had three shows that week: On the 8th, a Monday night, a chaotically fun show with the Sneeze(s), the Moans and ZipZipZapZap. The next night, a smaller but still good show at 1919 with the Sneezies kids plus Sarah Squad (I think; fun, screaming their heads off), and Zerstor., and some emo-y weak-ass touring band that me, D., megga moan and tylery moan skipped out on to go have tacos across the street. Last Friday night I somehow busted out of work early to play RGRS for our show with WJH and the S. Poisoners. Saturday was Rock Lottery 6. I snuck out of work to see most of Nazli's slightly jammy, mostly metally band, then everything in between the insane rock opera opus, the Kim Jong Illness' all-lottery hootenanny that brought down the house.

Sunday we went to my folks' house for dinner. They brought back Jamaican coffee, a necklace and some terrible, terrible Jamaican chocolate for me. I talked to my grandma on the phone and she asked when I would be getting married, and my mom jumped up and down and told me she couldn't take it. I don't know what to do except maintain the status quo.

This week mostly I've been working. Also, I've seen KOBRA III, RPG, Max C., Will Whitmore, Bobby Weaver's band, Carrier, Ghostcar (with like five drum sets) and Record Hop. I caught only the last song of each of JC's two sets this week, so I failed. Also I did not leave the house in time to see Cody's band. I got stuck watching the new Dawn of the Dead with Dwayne, and the parting shot freaked me out and I had to watch Mr. Show to get the image out of my head.


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