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2:46 a.m. // 14 August 2003

Hey, I got off work and dwayne was asleep because he's very tired, so I read this article about the Kansas City all-ages punk scene. It's pretty interesting, and longish. I also read this, also from the Pitch, which is a really rambling story about anarchists.

Also I was bored so I read old livejournals, and I searched for my aim screen name and found this ol' dinosaur of the web (Webb): www.geocities.com/mmriel.geo. All I remember is that Suzanne wanted to post some of her pictures from the U.K. online. Obviously Char and I were not good about our promise. Also, I was sick and Suzanne's mom brought me homemade beef vegetable soup. Were these two incidents connected? Oh, maybe not, I don't remember.

I finally dragged myself out of bed this morning and I was in my undershirt playing on the computer when there was a knocking on the door. The landlord finally sent over a plumber to fix the leak of waterfall proportions from the bathtub drain. Fixed! But now guess what: Now that it's connected, the pipe is clogged somewhere further down the line. The water's still in there from my shower earlier. grodey a la modey. my arms are tired from plunging like a mofo.

I started Safe Area Goradze today. Joe Sacco is amazing.

I made awesome stir-fry today, with Dwayne's help. It involved: tofu, carrots sliced into matchsticks, kale (I heart kale), shitake mushrooms, onions and arame seaweed. OMIGHOD I forgot the soybeans. Well, the sauce and seasonings included: lots of soy, lime juice, rice vinegar, tahini, black pepper, lots of anise seed, a little bit of coriander and ginger, lots of garlic.

tomorrow Hunter and I are going to register to vote -- it's the last day to register for the September 13th elections and we are slackers, considering we moved here like two years ago. Also, we are going to the pound to spring the orange kitties that were living in his yard, the skinny friendly Momma and the scaredy-cat Son. First his crazy neighbor started feeding them too, then she decided that the dogs and cars were going to kill them so she called animal control on them. grrrrrrreat. what a dumb fucken idea. if nobody goes to get them, they will die on Friday.

(why did I just spell fuckin' "fucken"? once, the newspaper got a letter saying "I WILL KICK YOU IN THE FUCKEN HEAD," and good old bobby reichle and I had a jolly laff over that one.)


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