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10:11 a.m. // 17 May 2004

stuff since I last updated:

uhhhh... I went to see Of Montreal at Hailey's. They played all new songs except for like one or two old ones and a couple of covers. I didn't enjoy it as much. maybe I'm outgrowing them? I like their early stuff a lot, lot more, basically when it was a solo project. Keyboardist has the same old-school Yamaha as me (well, really it' s Dwayne's).

I got a new Mac at my work. I think it's a gig processor with a gig of memory. YEAH! And a flatscreen. We're still running OS 9, but after work Saturday I started it in 10 and played with GarageBand. I made a happenin' Latin pop song.

tomorrow is my mom's birthday but actually we're leaving for tour that night. So yesterday I took my folks out to barbecue. I gave my mom a teapot made by some ceramics student at UNT. I hope she uses it, because it's supposed to be a functional gift.

yeah, so we go to OKC tomorrow and then Springfield, Mo. I am going to try to get in two full days of work before then. Cody installed a $30 Wal-Mart tape deck in our van, so now we're rocking.

We are under orders from Josh to make mixtapes for the trip, but the mixtape master himself is cheating by burning mixes onto CDs and then taping off them. I don't have time to make any mixes but I do have my old radio shows on tape, and THAT I would argue is cooler than any ol' mixtape.


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