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9:40 a.m. // 05 August 2005

Q: So I have 20 hydrocodone tablets from when the oral surgeon prescribed them to me for my wisdom tooth removal. I took zero of them, and kept the bottle in the third drawer in the bathroom. On Monday night, 10 people (two bands) crashed at our place. How many hydrocodones were left the next afternoon?

A: 6. My fault for keeping them in the bathroom, I guess.

This is from Dwayne:
So I got a phone call last night:
"I'd like to book a band." I played dumb (being that I don't really book too much anymore).
"A band?"
"Yeah, a punk band"
"Okay, who are you trying to call?"
"Mable Peabody's"
"Oh okay, I used to book there, they only have drag shows now"
"Yea do you think you guys could play in drag?"
"Dude, that's sick." (He actually sounded disgusted.)
"You know Mable's is a gay bar, right?"
"NO! Thanks man, I couldn't do that to my band!"
I have a bone spur sticking up from where one of my wisdom teeth was removed.

I have been working like twelve hours a day, good night.

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