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12:26 p.m. // 19 February 2003

Yesterday I tried to ride my new bike to work, but I had to stop halfway there and walk the rest of the way. I was ready to pass out by the time I got there. I'm still a sick, weak, out-of-shape little snot.

This morning I walked around town and did this:

  • ate two breakfast burritos and got tea at Brickhaus,
  • went to the bank,
  • went to the snobby cooking store and bought an herb mincer and an obscenely priced Swiss-made garlic press, but they were out of cheese slicers,
  • bought a cheap wood bird feeder at the multi-junk store,
  • and got some French bread at the bakery. They were out of molasses oat, which sounds amazing. but joy! they are gonna have CIABATTA on Friday and I will be in heaven.
    I'm such a consumer. shit. bye.


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