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12:33 p.m. // 30 September 2002

The wedding went off without a hitch or bitchin'! (Well, I mean, it really did, but I'm just sayin' that to make fun of hhh.)

It was unspeakably great and fun and sweet and cute and everything mushy. I like how Dwayne can describe last Saturday as "My bandmates got married to each other," because it makes you do a doubletake for so many reasons. We drove them to the airport yesterday, late for their flight, but I know they're in Manhattan now and they just WANT TO HAVE A GOOD TIME.

Dwayne keeps leaving his Allegra all over the house. Here's one pill now. I found one in the couch the other day. Somebody told Jeff that Dwayne and I secretly call him "Jeff Jeff."


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