[[groovy musics: ghost mice, retro-spectro (R.I.P.), r. gamblers]]

9:12 a.m. // 11 August 2003

sat: worked and worked and WORKED and then I saw deerhoof.

sun: slept in, drove to plano where my parents made rice soup with salmon and showed me and Dwayne photos from their alaska-vancouver-seattle vacation. My shy skinny little cousin is as tall as my grandma and she's a drummer!! oh, we should send her a trachtenburgs CD! my mom criticized my haircut by dwayne. dwayne and I went to mark chop-saki's CD store in Carrollton, which has all your plan-it-x needs. I traded some crappy CDs (okay, crappy to me but good to somebody I hope) for Royal Tennenbaums on DVD, and I bought the Ghost Mice split, the Make-Up and the old Centro-matic CD I used to own that went AWOL two years ago. Dwayne bought the newest This Bike is a Pipe Bomb even though I wanted to fight him for it.

then dwayne helped me make pizza for josh and nazli and chia-lun (sp?). Homemade! From scratch! Yes! Even the crust!

today's agenda: wash dishes, eat lunch with dwayne, go buy a hammock, go pick up dalton from the airport.


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