[[groovy musics: junior varsity, the devil is electric]]

5:50 p.m. // 16 April 2003

today I biked to work in a skirt! It is my favorite skirt.

I went to the grocery. I drove to the garage to pick up Joshua because he had to take the 1977 van for headlight repair. I read Spoiled and Lucky magazine that my mom stole from the hospital. My mom has a subscription to YM and nobody knows why.

I was making chai at work and one of the photo guys came by trying to microwave his cold coffee and opened the microwave while it was nuking my mug of soy milk -- and started to put his hand inside while the microwave was still on.
him: shrug.

Barron doesn't seem to care about the dangers of microwaves, even though I told him they can make you sterile. Also, they can give you cataracts. Also, lots of scary other things. My work is a hazard to my health in many ways.


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