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11:16 a.m. // 14 March 2003

last night dirt bike annie at may-bell's, they were fun live with coordinated scissor kicks and leaping and leaning and exaggerated baseball pitcher strumming. right on for possibly ironic rock dorkiness!

I caught the tail end of the jackson8 set. their new thing is a cover of "what do I get?" sung mostly by nazli and it's cool as all get-out.

next door is a dude who is seriously fuckin' cleaning the vacated duplex. I'm embarrassed for him to look at my side of the duplex.

question: is it punk to maintain a compost pile? I need to buy some worms, bad. at the weird festival last weekend I bought a parsley plant and a patchouli plant.

my dreams last night were very vivid. I was in my basement (even though I don't have a basement) and there were four storage rooms, and three of them had ghosts. I got to know the ghosts, and they were all young ghosts, teenage ghosts. One was a dark-haired girl in a room full of grandma's books, and all she did was read. One was a boy and he was coming on to me. I asked him if he had any sons before he died and he said, "One." I made up my mind in my dream to find this charming son and woo him. rrrrreeoow.


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