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2:32 a.m. // 07 April 2004

2:30 a.m., and I just made a batch of biscuits. suitable for vegans, actually (soy margarine and rice milk). Biscuits from scratch are very easy and satisfying.

The breakfast at our hotel in London consisted of:

  • your choice of coffee, usually kind of bitter, or black tea
  • two pieces of toast, with the option for more, plus Irish butter and jam
  • orange juice and apple juice
  • bran flakes, corn flakes, not-good-looking granola, and puffed rice I think
  • fruit cocktail, in all its chemically peeled glory
  • uhh, you thought there was going to be more? That's it.

    yesterday I drove Dalton home from lasik in dallas. BUT FIRST we ate at Chuy's for the creamy jalap, then loitered in awe at the Apple store. While he went under the laser (with the aid of a valium) I went flyering and shopping at goodrecords. They are having a spring sale and it was there that I felt, for the first time, the shock of seeing my band's CD in the clearance bin. We figured out that it was probably the one dwayne gave to charlie tah-dah for the store. The funny bit is that it's on sale for $3.

    I walked away with fatal flying g., I love math, agenda & gravy train for like $5 each, plus a belle & s. flat.

    dalton slept on the drive home, and after we parked, he kept his eyes shut as I directed him, with my voice, toward his apartment. He didn't want to hold my hand. He was told that patients get the best results when they nap and keep their eyes closed for at least two hours. I accidentally let a branch hit his head.

    Sunday was a day that made me love denton. The night before, Waterseed from DC/New Orleans was supposed to play Rubber Gloves, but they were beset by a flat tire with no spare, something wrong with the front end, booked-up van rental places, a last-minute vehicle switch, a falling-down muffler, etc., etc. They got in their friend's suburban and he drove with (he claimed) the cruise control set at 90. But the band got to rgrs at 2 a.m.

    they (seven very, very nice people!) crashed at our house instead, and we brought up the possibility of playing in the afternoon at a coffeehouse. We showed up at Brickhaus at 11 a.m. and it was still closed. Then one employee, Miriam, showed up. Then Mahsa showed up, throwing her hands in the air and saying, incredulously, "Did you know that it's daylight-savings time? I didn't!" Dwayne said, "We brought you a soul band to play," and Mahsa said cool. Her mom danced behind the counter for some of the band members, saying, "Look! I'm a cool mama!" and Mahsa just whined: "Mommy!"

    The musicians in Waterseed were so talented they gave me chills, even though it was really hot inside. Up to 20 or 25 people were listening at one time; they deserved an audience ten times that size. They reminded me of that old jackson8 song, "I just wanna have a good time," because they said so in as many words and they did. yeah!


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