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12:29 a.m. // 11 July 2004

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. So I've been real busy.

1. I had a free sale to get rid of a lot of my junky junk. I still have of junk, but less. We had fun. There was only one pushy guy (he hauled off the couch, bookshelf, microwave and little toys and said, "One man's floor is another man's ceiling!" before driving away). But everyone else was nice. We got a little bit in tips and one lady brought us a bag of cool grapes that Colleen and I ate, for it was very hot.
John Morley brought a lot of his stuff, too, and made the free sale more fun. He gave me a keyboard that weighs like five thousand pounds. It used to work but now it's a bum. It's an Arp Omni and it'll be cool if we can get it working.

2. Dwayne and I moved. He got guys to help him with the heaviest stuff, and for that I am very thankful. Our new place is still in shambles.

3. I tried a drop of absinthe at JP and Eefan's July Fourth party. The other JP (Josh P.) was sipping it from a pipe-like absinthe glass. It tasted like fiery licorice. It was the real stuff (which JP ordered at a dear price from Scotland) -- not that wimpy stuff that Sue W. smuggled in a Sprite bottle from Prague.

4. There is a Scrabble/Boggle night starting up at the library.

5. Dalton rifled through the op editor's desk because we were looking for the original copy of something, and he found that M.T. (probably my favorite person in the newsroom) has a file folder labeled "Why I'm Wonderful," right in front of another one called "Why I Suck." The former is filled with various awards; the latter has only one thing in it, for some reason, a letter of commendation from the publisher.

Also, earlier, one of the sports guys said this: "That guy's more full of shit than a Christmas turkey."


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