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2:45 a.m. // 22 December 2003

Today was good day! Yesterday we stayed up too late playing gin rummy at Brickhaus. We slept in late. Then we went to Dwayne's boss's house to meet the miniature horses there. There are two, both female, one a year old and the other one a little older and pregnant. They have fuzzy hair now because it's winter, so they look like bear-pigs, the size of a really big dog.

We did a miniscule amount of Christmas shopping, then went to church late. Then a great show at Mable's. I had not seen Record Hop for quite some time, so it was great to see them. Even though I really wished they'd reprised the Chipmunks song. Thee Fine Lines were fun live, and they were just as I described them on the flyer: Missouri garage rockers fluent in Headcoat-ese. Finally, Jackson 8 with new tunes, old favorites and two Christmas songs. David Blueprintsea played bass with us on "Christmas Wrapping" again, and I think I stumbled through the keyboard line decently most of the time.

The crowd tonight was a good size, and Sophia came AND so did elsquid. cool! Both are around briefly for the holidays. elsquid wants to see jukebox.

Thee Fine Lines bassist had an eight-week old chihuahua with her. It was the size of a fist, with a proportionally huge head. It will get about twice as big when it's full-grown. It barked and it sounded like a bird chirping. But let me tell you, it can get by on charm and cuteness. She let it run around on the pool table even though it's the size of a billiard ball.


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