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12:13 p.m. // 16 September 2008

AH: Who's is is this? [8/25]
AH: You and your boy?
AH: Does he know sports?
AH: Let's hope it's an indie rock kind of pub quiz then.

RD: I am watching rushmore with thousands of hipsters in a pool in williamsburg. God save me. [8/26]
RD: It's empty! Love.
RD: I expect to be the godfather.

LKM: We won the pizza! [8/29]

AH: Pub quiz? [9/1]
AH: Bullshit!
AH: Will he come to pub quiz?

BC: Would love to meet your family! [9/2]
BC: Tapa the world is fine! I will be a bit late. Like around eight?
BC: I'm excited!

DR: I think we hid my work keys in your car, ash tray maybe? glove box? [9/9]

DR: Not asleep yet. will try the bed instead. [9/11]

DR: Going to get gas for the mower. [9/11]
DR: Flat tire

DR: Ace is the place [9/14]
DR: I want a dr pepper frosty, how about you?
DR: What flavor?

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