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3:09 p.m. // 28 July 2003

Tonight is THE GOSSIP at rgrs! It is always amazing to me when I'm able to go see a show on a Sunday or Monday, because so rarely are there good shows on my days off.

Last night Mister Furious took the vanster to 1919, their second show with Josh as the singer and my first time to see version 3.0 of the band. It's cool (think tanktank), yet I'm still such a sucker for boy-girl vox. So I don't know what I think yet.

here's what I think: I think I haven't seen Colleen since she quit the band! In San Francisco I got Dame Darcy's greatest hits CD and I think I'm going to make it required lsitening for No-No and the Secret Touch.

There was also a touring band, North Lincoln, and Springfield U. played the sloppiest set in the whole world.

The other night was the Riverboat Gamblers, Sweet J.A.P. and the Marked Men at TJ's. I think every time I see the Gamblers, the crowd gets more and more raucous. I stood with Nazli and Dwayne right at the border of where the standing began and the craziness ended. The people in front were a violent tide, rushing this way and that. Dwayne said he saw Josh once during the entire set, when Josh leapt up from the pit to point to the guitarist right before an awesome solo riff, and then the crowd ebbed back up.


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