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1:19 p.m. // 24 July 2006

So let's say you find your perfect house. Well, not perfect, but a really excellent place for what you can afford. A 3/2.5 on some land, with two living rooms, a yard for dogs, chickens and a garden, a pool, a deck and trees, a kind of patch of country not at all far from town. You make an offer on it, still hardly believing the price.

Then, thanks to the wonders of Google, you find that the pool, deck and backyard view face a Christian men's halfway house.

Freaked out a little bit, but am thinking now that it won't really be all that bad, as it seems to be a very strict, small-scale operation. We're still excited about the house -- much more so than the first house that we backed out of buying because of roof/price issues. But am I a bad person to feel a little unsettled?


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