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12:22 a.m. // 09 October 2004

I'm working on designing a story about one of the Texas Rollergirls, and looking at the websites of the two roller derby leagues in Austin makes me think there's a slight lack of originality in the team themes. TXRD has one team that's got a kind of dangerous Latina grrrl gang thing going on, and the the Texas Rollergirls have a '70s trashy-disco theme. But both leagues have (1) the Catholic schoolgirl-gone-bad team, (2) the cowgirl heartbreakers team, and (3) the '50s-ish hotrod team.

So in case either of the leagues wants to expand, I drew up this list of suggestions for teams, plus a few notes:

  • the Mods -- cool dresses, get to ride scooters to games
  • the Primadonnas -- ballerinas gone bad, can wear pink tattered tutus and holey hose
  • the Viking Maidens -- horns on hats might get in the way, but long braids could be used in fights
  • the Emo Kids -- vintage sweaters, etc.
  • the Juvies -- jumpsuits and a pack of smokes
  • the Angry Dykes -- it would involve lesbian haircut #2 and black paint under the eyes
  • the Knitters -- They ain't no grannies in no rockin' chairs!
  • the Baristas -- aprons, espresso tampers, caffeine kick, art-school glasses
  • the Supermarket Checkout Girls -- more brightly-colored aprons
  • the Flappers -- have to learn to do Charleston on roller skates
  • the Skatin' Goths -- self-explanatory
  • the Electroclashers -- basically, dress like Karen O. in a magazine shoot
  • the Scurvy Pirates -- arrrrrrr!!!!!!


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