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1:20 a.m. // 25 February 2003

I am eating Super Fudge Chunk. It is really boring here and I think I have cabin fever. It was my day off and I stayed home all day because the roads are icy and sleet is falling. Although I did make a break for the grocery store and the produce store because I had no food. I forgot to return my library books due today, though.

I am so bored that I am adding a new entry for like the third time today. Ajeet said he was wrong about the fava beans and spinal lesions, by the way; it's chickpeas, or something.

I am so bored that I organized all of the photos that have piled up since I got mono in May.

I am so bored that I made onion & herb bread from scratch.

Dwayne and I were going to go to Dallas tonight to see Atom & His Package, but we decided the weather was too bad. Then he got stuck in Lewisville where he works because the roads were so bad. He called and was kind of whiny because he can't come home. It took him half an hour to get onto the highway and then it took him an hour to move less than a mile.


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