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7:55 p.m. // 24 March 2003

[Addendums tacked on 25 March, 10:40 a.m.]

It has been weird lately. On Friday night Mark called from Stephenville and said he was getting in to Denton in two hours. Hunter and I knew he was planning to come visit but it had slipped our minds, as if because of the war all bets were off, no more roadtrips allowed. He brought me turnips and knob onions and the best goddamn carrots I ever had. He wants to build a yurt.

[We played a good game, where Dwayne and I would name a fruit, vegetable or herb and Mark would say "yes" or "no" depending on whether they were grown on his farm. There were surprisingly few no's. Echinacea, pineapple, napa cabbage, yes. Persimmons, pomegrenates, pot, no.]

On Saturday Dwayne found a squirrel and two baby squirrels inside the band van. He was removing a nest from the headlight and one baby squirrel fell into a bucket and the other baby fell onto the fender. The squirrel rescue team came to whisk them away.

On Sunday nothing really weird happened.

[Dwayne bought a new battery for the van and hooked it up -- backwards. He thinks he broke it.]

Today I played Sims for two hours, then got disgusted with myself.

Today as I was getting up from a nap the phone rang and it was preston who wanted to return my folkimplosion CD. apparently he searched the internet and found my site and in recognizing himself in these [feeble] words felt that he needed to return what had been borrowed a year and a half ago. As always it was awkward. what no one has been told is that he was in my dreams the last two nights. nothing special, just made cameos.

[I wish I were witty enough to say things like, "So, what, you're making peace?" or "So, you've designated today as the day you get to go around town returning things you borrowed from girls who didn't even date you long enough to be quasi-girlfriends?" He made me a mix CD of two artists but when I opened it the disc inside was Meat Puppets II.]

Tonight an African drum ensemble is coming to live at Dwayne's house for two months. I am worried for them because they will have like no furniture and they will all have to share one bathroom.

[We waited for them all night but they never came, and when Dwayne finally called the organizer he found that they'd decided not to take the place after all, too expensive. I think it's all for the better, they seemed very disorganized.]


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