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3:18 p.m. // 20 January 2003

I just updated this and then as it was sending I lost my internet connection. grrr. so what's up? I'm back working night shift now -- it's okay because I get to sleep in till the afternoon, and I can putz around to my heart's content, but I get off around midnight and Dwayne Ray has to wake up to go to work at 7 a.m.

Saturday I got off work early so I could tag along with the Jackson 8 on their way to Fort Worth to play a show at 1919 Hemphill, where the activist kids have a pretty cool set-up -- a warehouse rented out for community activities. We missed all but the last two songs of retro-spectro, so grrrrrrr.

I made a sweet potato pie last week and it's about the best damn pie I've ever made. I used the pumpkin pie recipe from the Moosewood Cookbook except with oven-baked sweet potatoes, plus chopped-up pecans in the mix and whole ones on top. And for the crust I used ground-up pecans substituting for 1/3 of the flour.

I like this story from a couple weeks ago that Dwayne keeps telling. He and some guys were riding their Vespas on the square when this guy (actually teko buller) leans out of a minivan as it's driving away and shouts: "Fuckin mods! Rockers RULE!!!"


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