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12:56 a.m. // 26 August 2003

I screwed up a recipe because I thought I had oats (I did not). So instead I experimented and invented vegan banana corn meal chocolate chip cookies. yeehaw! They're good now; tomorrow they'll be as flaccid as pancakes.

Mashed up two bananas for a cup of banana puree. Mixed in two tablespoons of maple syrup, a half teaspoon of vanilla extract and a half teaspoon peanut oil. Mixed in a half teaspoon cinnamon (could've added more) and a half teaspoon-ish of baking soda. Threw in a couple handfuls of whole wheat flour and yellow corn meal, until it looked like a decent consistency of batter. Mixed in a bunch of vegan chocolate chips (actually dark chocolate espresso roasted chips). Spooned onto baking sheet and flattened a little; baked at 425 degrees for about 12 minutes, until kind of browned. Since I was halving a recipe, this only made like ten cookies, and I already ate half of them. eat while hot and crisp! I hate soft cookies, and vegan cookies get all soggy and flaccid and pancake-y when you let them sit around. At least, my forays into vegan cookies do.

I didn't leave the house today until 8 p.m. I read my new cookbook, took a nap, made yummy tofu balls and taught myself how to use the sewing machine. At last! I'm trying to modify all my band shirts that don't fit right. I'm working on my gold Erase Errata one. I kind of fucked up the collar, many many times.

D. Ray and I walked to the house of J&N and saw half of Chicago and all of 8 Mile, which was fairly good. And of course I made 1 a.m. cookies.


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