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10:59 a.m. // 24 June 2005

I wrote this like a week ago but didn't post it because I didn't finish it. Pretend that I posted this last week.

Last weekend was my old roommate Char's wedding to her guy Edric. It was at her parents' huge place in Fremont, but Dwayne and I got our tickets and hotel in San Francisco, where the wedding was originally supposed to be. So we hitched rides up and down the Bay pretty much each day we were there.

We got in late Thursday and BARTed over to our hotel, the way-cool Nikko by Union Square. (It's operated by JAL, and one morning we came downstairs to find a gaggle of Japanese flight attendants and pilots.) It probably costs too much for us normally, but it wasn't bad with a Travelocity package.

We had a late-night meal at a nearby diner that wasn't that sketchy, but three homeless people came through in the short time we were there. It startled me and Dwayne, because we're not used to that. Also, we are not used to paying $8 for a standard-issue tuna melt and fries.

Kyle found us on Friday and we did the Haight thing, then headed down to the rehearsal dinner hosted by Ed's folks. Krause and Dheep did a rowdy version of "Bohemian Rhapsody" on the Nintendo-esque karaoke system.

Kyle crashed with us that night -- hard, because he hadn't really had any sleep. We then did the Japantown thing and went to my favorite little store (It's like a dollar store! But everything is from Japan!!!) where I got a $3 mortar and pestle. Kyle treated us to sushi boats, and we had a mochi ice cream sundae. (I have a craving for mochi that will not be quelled until I either find some or make some.)

The backyard wedding was great. I like weddings that have family and friends pitching in to help, instead of hired hands. Char is nothing if not resourceful -- she baked her own wedding cakes, for pete's sake! She had blue paper umbrellas strung up all over the back yard; the florist traded work for Web design; and the chairs came from her aunt's recently shuttered Chinese restaurant. Sandheep officiated the wedding -- his first -- and he did beautifully, although he did worry a little about a verbal gaffe ("Mr. and Mrs. Charlin and Edric ...") and his saying "shit" early on in the ceremony (but it didn't make it into the mic).

Dwayne I did some good dancing (whenever a song we liked would come on, you know, like "Hey Ya"). It helped that I had a very swishy dress. There was a sleepover but it didn't seem right to crash Char and Ed's wedding night -- actually, we had a hotel room so we got back to it.

On Sunday we BARTed back down to Fremont and had Indian buffet (newlyweds' treat!). It was really awesome when we started out eating, then by the end (of my one plate) I was dyin'. Then we started helping with cleanup, with a water-bucket chain (Dwayne calls it a "smurf chain") to move the 120 chairs inside to the garage. I got fired from the assembly line towards the end because I was too slow.

Then we went back to the city and watched Elizabeth and Brian and Joseph eat noodles. The end.


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