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1:00 p.m. // 2002-07-30

This is a funny little photo of Nazli and Dwayne.

Yesterday's visit to Tower Records made me so tormented. The main aim of the trip was to leave Kyle somewhere in Dallas for Agnes to pick him up, and while it was not as agonizing as leaving Mark on the side of the road in Decatur to hitchhike, it was still a source of worry.

Another source of worry: I picked up a zine and inside there was a photo of my arch-nemesis. The one who plays her acoustic guitar too hard and writes pretentious lyrics. The people's poet. Rhea and Gaia. If you know who I mean, then you know who I mean.

$15 source of worry: Right at the cash register I found a new game called SNATCH manufactured by Spin Master Toys of Toronto. It's basically Speed Scrabble (aka Karate Scrabble) repackaged. I was hopping up and down mad because Kyle and I could have invented such a game easily. Then we would be millionaires.

(Upon further investigation I found a game called Word Thief which is also pretty similar to the Speed Scrabble premise.)

Kyle and Jackson were in town Sunday through Monday, so things were lively.

This morning we woke up and Dwayne's driver's side window was smashed in. Nothing taken, just some vandals fucking up shit.


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