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9:55 a.m. // 2002-07-22

last yesterday I went to Palestine with Dwayne for the first time. Josh and Nazli were going so we hitched a ride. My family used to go to Palestine in the spring when I was a kid, to see the dogwoods and ride the train. Dwayne and Josh can't imagine people being tourists in their old town.

At Dwayne's dad's place I lost three straight games of pool to my boy; I won one game of air hockey and lost one, and we batted the pingpong around until we got tired of it, never keeping score and never really playing. Mr. Don Ray winks a lot. He gave me some pears, and rayspaceboy's great uncle gave me a pair of conjoined peaches and figs. yum. I want Dwayne to take me back there so we can pick blackberries.


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