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9:30 a.m. // 15 April 2004

The past couple days have showed me how great life in Denton can be. Last night Dw. and I were going to put up fliers at the record store, but I only had one copy left so we walked a block to the student union to hunt down a copy machine. Instead we stumbled upon Landrest about to play in the union. That made me very happy. (Oh, and a copy shop upstairs that I didn't know was there.)

Serendipity aside, I'm excited about Landrest. It was a stripped-down show in an odd, mall-like atmosphere, so I want to see them with video in the background, playing on top of recordings, guest musicians -- all this stuff they have planned. Also, it kind of eases the heartbreak of Blueprint Sea's breakup. I was there for the whole evolution of the band.

afterwards we went with Becca and David to see the cardboard castles, then to Chopsticks. Dwayne and I went to the Stevie Wonder Revue, which was various permutations of these guys covering Stevie Wonder songs. We left before they busted out "Sir Duke," though, to see the Spitfire Tumbleweeds at J&J's. Three shows (two of them free) in one night!

Night before was the Casual Dots show at RGRS. They had originally considered playing at Mable's, then got booked at the big-time venue in town. Last week that show got dropped like a hot potato -- so the Denton music scene picked up the slack.

(esperance) had a huge ax, a pretty gong and a lot of blood onstage. jetscreamer played a short , fiery set. Jackson 8 was sloppy ("loose") but everyone liked it anyway (except me).

D. kept hitting bad notes but I thought it was me, out of tune or out of whack, so I just kept turning the volume down and playing single notes instead of chords. Then I stewed the rest of the night and decided I should quit everything. I DON'T WANT TO FEEL LIKE THAT AGAIN and I want to practice more because small things can make me go downhill very quick.

Even though I was in a bad mood, the Casual Dots were still fascinating. Pretty, complicated guitar work, with two guitars, drums, no bass. Dwayne liked the visual symmetry of two blonde women in red shirts playing guitars, with a drummer in a newsboy cap in the middle. (I wanna see the cute band.)

The guy from Kobra III said his bandmates need help understanding the way that a show can be both good and bad -- you can play sloppy but the energy makes up for it. I understand that; I understand it because their band won me over Monday night, and I didn't notice any missteps. BUT, I also like to mope when I'm down.


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