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2:04 a.m. // 03 November 2004

I think my sister voted for Bush. That's because yesterday her AIM "away" message was about how she was trying to finish her work because she had to go to the "rally" because she had a "hot date" with "Mr. Bush."

I guess it makes sense because she's going to be rich, whereas I'm going to be staunchly middle-class. (This projection is based on her career and her fiance, and on my own career.)

Also, in a semi-related note, I don't think it's fair to make the bride's parents pay entirely for the wedding, especially when the groom-to-be has oodles of money to squander on the ring. I told my mom I'm not going to make them pay for my wedding, and she kind of laughed because I don't think she can take another wedding right now.

I'm taking care of the dog while my parents are on a cruise. He's been mostly good. He smells. He keeps scratching his underbelly because of some bites. He does this by dragging his body along the carpet with just his front legs. Dwayne thought he was trying to trick us into thinking he was crippled.

D.now came over for a little bit before their show. We took them over to Chopsticks. Halloween was their anniversary. They needed a beer because of a poor business decision, which I can only chalk up to being very ambitious while being slightly out of touch.

They asked what time it was and we told them, and they were like, "Whoa, there's a time zone change from Arlington?!" (It was fall back this weekend.) They are entertaining folk. Dwayne found out that he is five days older than Z., and Z. voiced his theory that Libra is the coolest sign of all because the scales are the only inanimate object of the zodiac.

Worked late today because of the election. Things are obviously pretty grim now but I'm resigning myself to the results. shrug, shrug.


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