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11:08 a.m. // 07 November 2002


The kitten went to go live with Dalton and his name is Brak, which still doesn't strike me as all fuzzy and kitten-ish, but he does scratch and claw and bite a lot, so maybe it's fitting.

Dwayne and I made pumpkin pie from scratch. Tonight I'm making "Meat-in-the-Moon," which is a small pumpkin baked and stuffed with ground beef, rice, onions and cashews.

Last night I tried to make macaroni and cheese from scratch, but Dwayne was late and it got sadly overcooked and soft. The recipe called for a ridiculous amount of cheese (1 pound, to 1/2 pound of pasta). I used Wisconsin cheddar, made from organic unpasteurized milk. Raw cheese rocks!

Mark is visiting town. I think. We went to Tom & Jo's last night and there were chicken fried steaks all around.

I can't decide between the Meat Purveyors show in town or the Calexico show in Dallas.


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