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11:48 a.m. // 14 April 2003

yesterday laziness, followed by much more music. We didn't get up till noon. We made banana and pecan pancakes. Dwayne and his scooter comrades got the Vespa running again. I fixed my lomo!! I played keyboard at Dwayne's house because I felt sorry for it (it hasn't been touched since Josh and Nazli's wedding). We ate lentil nachos at Brickhaus, and then we went to J&J's to have a show.

retro-spectro! I made the last of the buttons for battle unicron and retro-spectro and Rick set them down on a table in the basement and now he can't find them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why rick why?! jackson8 -- Nazli played with a new marshall stack that they are gonna buy, and she was loud! the devil is electric -- hey, I liked them a lot live, better than on their CD. I am supposed to ask them about a naked house party or something. Also, the J&J's speakers have lights inside them and whenever t.d.i.e. played harmonica the lights flashed. I have never seen such a thing. I bought their 7-inch and abe froman and this bike is a pipe bomb.

retro-spectro joked with tank tank about playing with them at their rubbergloves show, and then they actually did. and they sounded really good there. it was the last tank tank show except for their house show next weekend. ask for a refund. the ex-models were really weird. wow!

In my dream last night someone used the phrase "anti-tank tank artillery." Also in my dreams I was listening to music and drawing pictures in sharpie. First there was a showtune-esque song cycle between two women -- one straight woman who looked like janene garofalo and just broke up with her boyfriend, and one black lesbian who was listening to her laments and then trying to swing her to the other side. Then I dreamed a song about a chauffeur named Matt B., and it sounded like All Girl Summer Fun Band and the words were like: "Matthew the driver, don't go too fast/Matthew the driver, please turn left here."


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