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11:29 a.m. // 13 January 2003

Dwayne Ray cut my hair really short. It's a bob that stops at the bottom of my earlobes. It's gross when it's really poufy; I guess I can slick it down or something.

We made pizza last night (as is customary for Sunday nights -- I make the pizza while Dwayne watches The Simpsons and grates cheese). Red kale, garlic and pine nuts with Asiago, Parmesan, cheddar and Swiss on Afghan bread (now called Barbari bread to be more PC). I left the leftovers in the oven (heat turned off) all night and all morning, so is it still okay to eat? Cheese is mold anyway.

Hunter is coming over at 1300 hours and we're going to write about home cookin'. I don't know who these kids are or even where they're based but arthur is pretty damn cool, and somebody smart and hip is distributing it around Denton. Did I tell you I got a ukulele for Christmas? It keeps going out of tune. (My dog has fleas.)

Um, did Camper Van Beethoven reunite or something? Why didn't anyone tell me? It's really weird.


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