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10:18 a.m. // 20 December 2002

Brak the kitty is going to go live in Houston for a spell with Dalton's mom. Dalton says he wants the kitten to go live outside with his mom's other cats for a couple months, so he'll learn how to be a nice cute kitty, instead of scratching and biting and destroying things all the time. Then, Dalton will take him back.

I think of it as kind of a cat sleep-away camp. Or kitty reform school.

I tried to think of some way the kitten could remain in Denton, but Dalton says he doesn't want to foist the bratty young cat off on some poor soul, and then welcome Brak back when he's more mellow.

I told Dalton I'm sorry I gave him an asshole for a cat. He said don't worry.

Yesterday, in anticipation of his five-hour drive down to Houston, Dalton called the vet and enquired about the availability of animal tranqs. I believe the answer was in the negative.


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