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5:11 p.m. // 20 July 2004

Somebody stole one of my flowerpots downstairs outside my apartment. It was a small pot with my 'Bread and Butter,' a plant related to the snapdragon with little yellow flowers. I'm annoyed because it was my favorite: I bought it a year ago (after all my plants died while I was on tour), and it limped through the winter and then, in the spring, it burst back to life from just a few yellow-green leaves, a lot of dead foliage and a ball of secretly thriving roots filled with explosive energy.

Also the weird thing is that this particular pot is one of two that I bought at M-cFrugal's. The other one was in full sunlight all summer, and when I tried to pick it up for moving, the cheap plastic shattered in my hands.

Stupids. Dwayne can't understand how someone would steal flowers, because you would think that someone who appreciates gardening would be respectful of others' cared-for plants. But I like to imagine that it was someone who was on his way to visit his girlfriend and thought he'd bring a gift. A misguided asshole.

All else remained untouched, because that was the only flowering plant I had out there. What's left: two rosemary plants, a pot of small basil plants, thyme, ice flower with no flowers, crappy-looking mint, a failing tomato plant. I need to get some big heavy-ass pots that are not so easily stolen, or something I can hang from the balcony.

In other news, last night there were only bad bands at Mable's. Dwayne and I did laundry at the other end of the strip mall, and we tried to make coffee behind the bar. I spilled coffee all over Kelly's mail. (shhh.) The drip-drippy thing on the coffee machine was broken so the coffee didn't really brew; we ran the water through the machine twice and it was still weak. And for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to buy off-brand gas-station cookies. Hydrogenated oils, artificial flavorings, preservatives that aren't even doing their job, bleah. It feels cool to drink coffee out of beer steins, though.

I was supposed to unpack and clean up more yesterday but instead I read. I'm hurtling toward the end of Kochalka's massive Sketchbook Diaries anthology. I am slowing down because I almost don't want to reach the end. I got McSweeney's comix issue in the mail; also Peanutbutter and Jeremy because I had to bring my Amazon order up to $25 for free shipping. Yesterday I found It Must've Been Something I Ate so I'm reading all about good food.

Tonight is Scrabble/Boggle night! woo-hoo.


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