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12:14 a.m. // 18 March 2004

umm... I have been at work since 9:15 a.m., not counting meal breaks. I think I am going loopy from looking at computer screens for too long. Now I am gonna go to see the rubbergloves show even though I missed most of the bands. The Unicorns were supposed to play at dan's but they had visa problems. See, dwayne, I told you that bands bigger than us have tried to cross the border and failed.

for many reasons I have been too busy to write in my dland. also I have not read the denrockcity board for like one and a half weeks, which now means it is im-possible.

jackson8 has been busy recording and overdubbing and mixing. now it is almost finished.

I got a haircut yesterday and my bangs are super. I'm going to be a bridesmaid but on the groom's side and in black.

dilemma! j8 is going to play gypsy t. room with r. gamblers, m'd m. but it's lgrz's last show, ever! I decided that we have contributed to the breakup of two bands: lgrz (because we bought their van, van morrissey, but they say that if they'd still had that van they wouldn't be breaking up because they wouldn't have had so many touring setbacks) and retro-spectro (obvious reasons).

From: Hunter H.
To: Tam, M.
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