[[groovy musics: bishop allen, (smog)]]

12:54 p.m. // 11 March 2004

I am eating vegetarian steamed buns and green onion pancakes from the freezer. I bit into the bun and found a half-inch long black hair. Consider how far this hair traveled to get to me, hidden in a filling of green beans and mushrooms wrapped inside a rice-based bread, nestled in a sanitary modern package, shipped to the Asian grocery in Plano, Texas, from a factory in China.

My sister had a kidney infection that made its presence known about 3 a.m. Thursday. My parents drove her to the ER (all the way in Dallas) and she had to have a spinal tap to determine that it wasn't meningitis (it wasn't). Then the spinal tap caused her to have the worst headache in the world for a week.

This happened Thursday early morning and my mom didn't tell me until Saturday afternoon. I hung out in Plano on Sunday and Monday, instead of recording vocals and overdubbing solos with jksn8. Karen was crying from the pain and my dad and I took her back to the ER on Sunday and it took from 7:30 p.m. till 2 a.m. for the doctor to dismiss her. My mom had gone to Houston for a conference of some sort.


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