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2:05 a.m. // 29 February 2004

Hunter has been cleaning out his desk all week and worked his way through a couple boxes that he'd packed back in the summer, from when we moved from our old desks into sterile cubes. Somehow an apple had found its way into one of the boxes. It was still apple-like in form, but it had shrunken to half its size and was black and grey and fuzzy. We took it outside and crushed it on the sidewalk with our feet. It was kind of like apple styrofoam.

I'm still not positive that I'm not the one who put it in the box.

It was Hunter's last day at work. Tomorrow he's flying to London for vacation. I have to take care of Coal (Cole) the cat and Mommy the cat.

I got to see Dalton's mysterious "person of interest" tonight. After work I went to the one-night art show party that Sachiko puts on, which is the last in a series. You have to run the gauntlet on your way up the outside stairs to the third floor, with people hanging out and drinking and smoking and shooting the shit on either side of you. I wanted to have a videocamera as I walked up, as you burst in between people's conversations.

Afterwards Dwayne and I went to Johan and Crystal's house where they were having a post-beatnik party. The cat there accidentally stuck a claw in my finger when we were playing, and now it's swelling up. Johan kept asking Dwayne to play a Ramones song on the acoustic guitar. Their chef friend made shrimp sauteed in olive oil and soy sauce and lemon juice and paprika, so forget pretending to be vegetarian. I had the chicken at the former Tom & Jo's place today too.

I had Dwayne make tortillas for the sweet potatoes for brunch, and he put a tablespoon of salt in instead of a half tablespoon. Somehow we didn't notice until we'd each eaten one.

Tomorrow we are recording and playing gin rummy at JC's house.


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