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10:20 a.m. // 04 February 2003

I took Dwayne Ray to Central Market for his first time there, and he decided that his calling in life is to open a gourmet cheese shop. Next door to the bakery. I bought some French peppercorn brie and something called Banon Geant, which is a strong soft cheese and has leaves in it, and a big chunk of Swiss Bavarian cheese -- which I thought meant it would be like emmentaler but I guess it isn't. Cheese is why I could never be a vegan.

Also, we heard a mom and her kid ask what was in the free tamale samples.

Mom: "What's in these?"
Guy: "Beans and cheese."
Mom to kid: "They're made of beef and cheese, honey. We don't eat that." [briskly stomping off]

Also, overheard in the kids' section at Half-Price Books: "Mommy's gullible, but she's not stupid."

I took my family out to dim sum on Sunday -- I told them to choose the restaurant, and of course they chose the all-you-can-eat buffet place. They're happy enough with it; my parents love buffets. My dad was watching the space shuttle's trail when it disintegrated; he and other runners were looking up before their race started.

My mom has a cold. My dad drove his 4-Runner into their garage door a couple weeks ago. He reached in through the window and started the ignition to let the car warm up, and he forgot that it was in first gear.

My granddad, my dad's dad, drove the Oldsmobile into the garage door when I was 4 or 5. I remember it because my parents were out and it was me and Karen and our grandparents, and Grandaddy want to drive us to the mall or someplace, even though he was from Canada and hadn't driven the Oldsmobile before. Afterwards I was really sad and I got a little piece of paper and wrote on it: "This is the worst Valentine's Day ever."

Also, Dwayne and I went to the thrift stores in Irving and I found him a Social Distortion 7-inch and he found me a rad red old-skool jersey with half-sleeves, and we got two Sesame Street records, one of which is Ernie's Hits and has Ernie holding a rubber duckie in his hand and looking at it and saying, "You're the one," and the other one has Ernie holding a different rubber duckie and Bert holding a pigeon and the title above their head is LOVE.


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