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12:12 a.m. // 07 July 2003

July 4: I had to work but I took my dinner break and showed up at Cory's party right after Collyeen left. well, Scott made me a good burger and everyone was drunk and setting off sparklers in boxes in a bowl.

I was pissed off by the time I got off work and there were no more parties going and everyone was asleep. I was annoyed that I didn't get to go to Jeff's cookout at his new amazing house, but my sole consolation is: REDBUGS. Dwayne and Josh have chigger bites real bad, and I would too if I'd gone out there. People who were wearing flip-flops were largely unscathed; people with socks on got chomped down.

recent musics: Thursday was the partytime "progressive rock" of DBA; I didn't get to see all of their set, and I missed Rise & Shine completely, but Marked Men sounded good. Friday night I didn't get to do anything and I was pissed off.

Saturday I saw the tail end of Blueprint Sea's set, and the Tyrades. Then, of course, there was Glass Candy. The first time I saw them, at Mable's, I was blown away; they also saved the day by showing up at the last minute. The second time they played there, a couple months later, they had four members, and I think Ida No had a cold so it was a lackluster set. This time, Ida No was wearing far less clothing (which is apparently typical of Glass Candy shows, just not at Mable's) and they're currently a twopiece, with a drum machine monster thing. They sounded great, but both they had this carefully practiced bored gaze, the heroin addict model look. And the singer was wearing some kind of chain metal halter and the merest slip of a skirt-thing, so that it came as not a surprise but almost a relief when her crotch finally made its appearance. This whole getup appeared to make most of the people at rubbergloves feel awkward, and no one wanted to get too close to the stage, although there were a few guys bold enough to speak with the singer afterwards as she sat crosslegged on the stage with the merch.


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