[[groovy musics: adbusters CD, marked men]]

10:27 a.m. // 01 May 2003

It was a major paty foul on my part. I was really pleased to find Ace cider on tap at Cool Beans, and Dwayne and Josh and I headed up to the roof, where Dixie Witch would soon be playing. I had never seen Dixie Witch, and I don't know if I would dig them or not, but Dwayne and Josh are really into them.

We found a table on the roof. Dwayne sat down, and I was getting into the chair next to him -- and then my chin knocked into something sharply and my pants were all wet. I knocked my cider over with my chin. I am so cool. I had to walk to Dwayne's house to change into a pair of his pants that I bought for myself and then gave to him.

Hunter and I saw this weird-looking person when we were in Austin. Hunter decided that the guy was a man who looked like a woman who looked like a man... and so on for infinity.

Dixie Witch only played one song, and then the soundguy decided it was going to rain because there was freakish lightning throughout the sky.

Marked Men was playing next door, followed by a Japanese band called Das Boot (I think) and the Riverboat Gamblers. Everyone was more manic than usual for the Gamblers. Guys were trying to surf the crowd, but the crowd members would freak out and step back.


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