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2:50 a.m. // 03 May 2003

sleepy. this weekend was The Long Con, the Pyramid Scheme showcase at Dan's. I had to work today and we were in Fort Worth yesterday, but I saw bits and pieces of the bands. I liked that I could hop between work and fun, plus I could eat pizza there for dinner. yay for dan's.

mission giant was neato tonight. last night I saw panda for the first time, and today I saw History at Our Disposal, finally, for a couple songs before going back to work.

Yesterday I woke up late, felt kind of sick, made miso soup with a lot of rice and tofu and carrots, then spent like three hours drawing a "zine," a mini-comic, for the 1919 zine day thingy. colleen and I drove to Fort Worth and there were like five people at the zine fest thingy, and none of them was ben snakepit. colleen was sad because she couldn't make her friend's birthday dinner. she was kind of sad and bored, I think, whereas I was just happy stapling my stupid zine together and drawing pictures and listening to the punk kids shoot the shit.

I drove her to her friend haylee's (halee's?) house so she could give her a birthday present, even though I said it was vain to give a picture of yourself for a birthday gift. but it's OKAY because it's art.

at 1919 there was the Culottes from Portland, and I liked their quiet, pretty music -- even though mostly punk bands play in the space. mister furious sounded really good! I had fun watching them.

hunter and I went to the book fair today and it sucked. there were tables of "local authors" trying to hawk their vanity-press publications. we skeedaddled outta there pretty fast and went to ken's to buy berries and to rick's gasstation, where I bought a bottle of Sweet Leaf sweet tea, because it had a cartoon of a grandma on it and it had real sugar, not corn syrup, and it was made in Austin. Dwayne just now told me "sweet leaf" means pot.

rick and dustin tried to make us switch to livejournal.

um, I have to go now because dwayne and me are real sleepy.


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