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10:44 a.m. // 10 February 2003

I am eating the biggest grapefruit you ever did see. Why do so many people on swappingtons want my black 47 cd? (two.) WHY WON'T YOU PEOPLE TAKE AWAY MY EMO RECORDS!

yesterday dwayne and I went to plano because my parents were celebrating WORLD MARRIAGE DAY at their church. At the end there were a reception with a real wedding cake. They were celebrating their upcoming 25th anniversary, although they actually just had their 24th in December. Most of the other couples had been married much longer.

also dwayne and I drove to fort worth. I kind of wanted to go to the Modern but we didn't have enough time, especially after playing with the dog. There we hung out at rick's house even though I'm really bad at hanging out, like godawful. We read snakepit zines and then I wanted to draw so I drew. Also there were the Carrie Nations from Athens, Georgia, who played at 1919 and smashed it up. I mean figuratively not literally. the drummer has the highest high-hats you ever seen.


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