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12:28 a.m. // 28 January 2005

my g3 powerbook is died.

Ever since the first official Sunday Jukebox Pancake Brunch, it refuses to turn on. Dwayne thinks he upset it by shutting it down and moving it away from the couch so our friends could sit down. I think it might be jealous because it KNOWS I was looking at the Mini Mac.

The problem seems fairly basic -- it just won't turn on, whether it's plugged in or on battery. I have to make a trek out to the Apple store. I can't afford to have anyone bungle it up -- the j8 album art is on there! plus the last five-odd years of my life.

The jukebox brunch went off swell. Dwayne and I fed 25 people, with a bunch of batter to spare. People stayed as long as five hours just sipping coffee and chatting. That's not bad. We need to invest in a couple coffeemakers and maybe another electric griddle, then we'll be rolling.

also we are working on a new band. it is motowny. I'm no good at helping dwayne with the lyrics but the music is hep!

I am still waiting for blah-by-blahwest to send a rejection slip to P.O. Box 2933. c.f. says they don't send rejections anymore anyway. I was kinda hoping we could play there and get "discovered" or whatever. anyway we're playing valentine's night, and play is all I wanna do in the first place.


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