[[groovy musics: the gentle waves (Isobel is the Nico of our time)]]

4:56 p.m. // 26 June 2003

I got a spam e-mail with the subject line "Achieve Your Buddy In Another Territory!" I think: WTF? It turns out to be an ad for Russian ladies. [[addendum: Hey, I just got another e-mail titled "Discovery Your Pal In Another Fatherland!" Interesting, this deliberate misuse of the thesaurus.]]

I bought blackberries grown in Denton, picked this morning, from a farmer in front of the bowling alley. They're the best I've ever tried. I also got some Bowie peaches and some handsome and reasonably priced eggplants. I found the first fruit of my garden, a cucumber growing in the shade from the tangle of vines left by the previous tenants. I'm going to eat it soon, with the pink tomatoes Trimble brought from Arkansas. summer is yay.

Last night Kyle and Judy called me after I got home. Kyle discussed why he doesn't read his friends' online journals. It seems too impersonal, he said. And yet too personal at the same time, I say. He agrees and thinks it's odd, especially considering that he first learned to relate to others online. I second that part. What a geek I am.


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