[[groovy musics: this bike is a pipe bomb]]

1:47 a.m. // 06 August 2003

SHAMBOLIC ROCK! I caught half the show at mable's to-night. It was sloppy good. I saw the Apologetics and the Chop-Saki's. Dwayne liked the first band a lot, Up the Volume, I believe they were called. neat names.

I went to 7-Eleven between bands so I could grab cash from the atm and buy a cd. I entered the store and then pointed to the ground and gave raised eyebrows to the clerk, who was behind the counter on the phone. There was a crumpled-up twenty on the floor! I am too honest. Then I went outside and caught a grasshopper.

Today I bought a canteloupe (this lady was calling it a "musk melon") and an Israel melon, and a slew of little eggplants. I ate like five million million peaches. Where can I find the Deerhoof 7-inch of "My Pal Foot Foot"?

My parents just got back from a trip to Vancouver, Seattle and Alaska. My dad caught a salmon with his bare hands!


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