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1:19 a.m. // 05 August 2003

think: what a blessing it is that I developed my food snob tendencies after having to live with college dorm food service, rather than before.

at 1919 I nicked a green wire newspaper rack from the freestore, and I'm gonna use it to hold all my many many magazines. I brought a bunch of stuff to junk up the freestore, like wal-mart soap and semi-trendy shoes and a grungy dish rack and two dustpans. I was going to leave this fabulous/awful/smelly long coat that my sister bought from a thrift store and then regretted, but I decided it would be in poor taste because it was made entirely out of leather. vegans would freak the fuck out.

last weekend Dwayne and Hunter and I accidentally went from garage sale to garage sale on our way to the new library. there was one on every block, I swear! even though it was 100 degrees out with a heat advisory. Dwayne found me a still-in-box carousel slide projector, with projector table, for $15; it had been marked down from $30. It was this woman's moving sale, which was more like an estate sale and indoors. after I bought it dwayne asked me, "are you all right?" because he thought it was a very high-pressure situation. The woman had said, "oh," when she saw what I'd found, because she'd wanted to keep it for herself if no one bought it. But she also said she was happy it would go to a good home. I also bought her silver mesh belt, from 40 years ago she told me.

At the new library, I got a volume of Foxfire, Jimmy Corrigan, The Smartest Kid etc. etc. by Chris Ware, Safe Area: Goradze by Joe Sacco (I checked it out for Dwayne, but actually I was about to search for it as well), ummm a book about personal finance for twentysomethings, and the soundtrack of Urinetown! yes! pee!!!!!

tonight d. ray bought new Converse at the mall. you will have to see them, they are cool. they're not chucks but they have chucks-style sole/soul. I bought some jewelery at a stupid girl store. I went to h-t t-pic and cussed and didn't buy anything. The clerk was asking me what I was looking for, I said "nuthin'," so he reminded us of the deal on rock shirts, buy one, get the second one half off. He pointed to his own totally rockin' furth-r seems forev-r tee.
dwayne: oh, she doesn't wear rock shirts.
me: [appalled. long pause.] fuck you, this is a rock shirt. [gazing at my astroblast t-shirt featuring a space girl.]
[better response would have been: "Oh, I buy my rock shirts at ROCK SHOWS."]
then we went to see Chicago at the fitty-cent theater.


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