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11:09 p.m. // 05 May 2004

the played-outs.

j8 show went okay on Monday night. Shortly before the show and during her final exam, Nazli fell suddenly ill with a cold with such mysterious powers that it produced tears. Yet she soldiered on. And I turned up all the way too. It was a real good crowd for a Monday.

The second band was mostly just dull; they had a 7-foot-high cymbal. They sucked up to me and d., so obviously fishing for a place to crash. I felt less than generous, which is uncharacteristic of me. We would open up our home to a band at Mable's (out of a sense of responsibility, if nothing else), or to a band of nice folks with good music. Does that make us snobs? I don't think so. I have not had a lot of private time with d. of late, we're so busy working and playing shows and running sound and running around town.

plus, as d. started to back out of the lot, one of this band's dudes set off a bottle rocket. when d. told me he thought it went off underneath our van, I wanted to beat the dude up. Our van has a major hole in the gas tank. fucker shouldn't be setting off fireworks in the first place, especially not underneath a rusty 1977 van, in the parking lot of the venue you just played at, across the street from the fire department.

the third band was unmemorable. But M'd M. made my night.

I've been working and stuff. me and d. are getting burned out on MP's. three nights a week are too many. especially when you tend to go to shows the other four nights of the week, too.

today after I worked J8 had a good band chat. About mini-tour and direction and what we need to do and stuff. Also we watched Triplets of Belleville, which I obviously loved the hell out of, me clappin' and laffin' there on the floor.

karen said the dog is doing better now. Right now the worst that happens is he gets really tired on walks. I am really worried about when I have to take care of him at the end of the month, if he's still around for me to take care of.

my stomach and guts have been in such fuckedup shape lately. It makes me feel wornout.


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