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12:17 p.m. // 03 May 2004

Saturday night I managed to get off work early. I drove to Dallas, played a show, turned back around and drove back to Denton in time to see LGRZ play their last show ever.

Detailed version: I got in the car, picked up Nazli, had to get gas and bottled water and smokes for N. at 7-11 where the employee was stoned, got a sandwich at Arby's where the employees were stoned, drove to Dallas, got a call en route saying that we were supposed to be ONSTAGE NOW!, parked the car, didn't pay the meter until we saw the meter guys checking the meters and I ran back to find quarters, went inside, played show immediately, got rushed offstage by the stage crew (we had a stage crew!!!!), then got in the car back to Denton shortly thereafter.

I wanted to stay to see the set and join in the after-show diner shindig, but I had to go see Little Grizzly's last show. They turned in a brilliant set, a farewell show to be proud of. They did the catchy loud rock-outs, the quiet vulnerable songs, their classics with special guests, the new ones ... and they did "The Load" with like ten people onstage, and they closed with "A Quick One While He's Away," with just the right balance between messy and amazing. Also, I like how Howard did all the falsetto "you are forgiven's."

j8 owes a great debt to them for selling us their sturdy old van, and I don't know how we can ever repay them.

I owe a debt to c.-m. and LGRZ and band-kits and recycled for getting me intrigued with Denton in the first place.

Yesterday D. and I went to my family's house because my dad's 50th birthday was Saturday. My dad was in good spirits. He and his running buddy Hector took a trip to Las Vegas and backpacked the Grand Canyon. Hector had never been to Las Vegas, and he won $500 at the slot machine all while he was asking, "What's going on?"

Mikey the dog is not doing very well. I took him for a walk even though my mom had advised against it; he just got so excited when I mentioned the idea. We only took him half a block and then turned around. He wanted to go further. But inside he started panting and hurting again. He has a big tumor in his liver. I am afraid my family won't take him to the vet soon enough. I don't want him be in pain but I don't know how bad his pain is.

I went to church and caught half of Hedwig, then the touring band at Mable's canceled because they were stuck in Dallas with van trouble. Zest of Y. showed up anyway and started playing to just me, Dwayne and Joshaa. A handful of other folks strolled in later.

Then Dwayne and I determined that the record player at Mable's is in perfect working order, and we looked at all of the LPs in the deejay booth.

Tonight we're playing at RGRS with the Marked Men. I am telling myself I have to go buy a new cable, but I am still somewhat intimidated to go to a music store by myself -- even though I went to one once a week for a dozen years for piano lessons. gear is a realm I know close to nothing about.

I forgot to mention the cover that one of the LA bands did last week. The singer said, "You might recognize this one from a few years ago!" and they launched into "Flagpole Sittah" by Harvey Danger, even though it was days before I could recall the title or the band. You know: "I'm not sick, but I'm not well, blah blah blah, and I'm in hell," or something like that.


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