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12:33 a.m. // 25 May 2004

We got back from the mini-tour (the tour-ette) yesterday night. Here are some things:

  • The "radio show as mixtape" idea didn't work out very well. Too much filler. But mostly it's because we were going 75 on the highway with all the windows down, and we have only three speakers. It's hard as hell to hear a recognizable song anyway; so much for obscure Bavarian folk songs and bleepy-bloopy soundscapes.
  • "Riot Rock and Soda Pop Summer Tour 2004" was a shit-ton of fun. It was so much more relaxing than our grueling route last year -- shorter drives, more time spent lingering in towns. We made enough money to almost break even. Played with bands more to our liking, in venues and towns where we felt at ease, to audiences with a handful of friends and acquaintances.
    Oh yeah: I was in the band this time around.
    Tuesday in Oklahoma City, two shows (one of them a pick-up) in Springfield, Missouri, down to Austin, then a last-minute show to top off the tank at Mable's.

    More later I think, possibly in comic form (not likely but possible).

    Ghost to Falco (a one-man operation from PDX) is staying here tonight. Last night he was at J&N's bed and not-so breakfast. Nazli made dolmas and kofte and this bean-tomato stuff for dinner. AWESOME! Eating out is fun but it's SOOO passe now. Cooking gourmet is the new dining out.


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