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11:32 a.m. // 27 October 2003

I have an awesome idea for a halloween costume, but I don't know if I can execute it in time, or if I have the skills. It is: A GIANT TRUCKER'S HAT. More on this later as things progress or fall apart...

saturday I went to w.j.h.'s wedding in the park. I picked out my dress before I went to work, so I could go to the wedding during my dinner break. unfortunately, I picked out my flimsy flowery short sundress before the cold front hit, and HIT IT DID. It was windy in the 50s as I shivered on the bleachers with the hip scenester kids dressed in black. The other bleachers were filled with the couple's relatives in full-on Western wear. It was a good mix. it was a nice wedding. I didn't have time to go to the reception but dwayne couldn't stop talking about the three kinds of gumbo they had, and the couple's year-old baby who kept getting on the mic and saying oooo ooooooo gaaaa gaaaaa to everyone's applause.

last night at mable's there were four people who paid at the door. everyone else was in one of the bands or was one of the band member's moms. the shows lately have all really sucked audience-wise. yet all of the bands appreciated each other. um, here's my motto I thought of -- "Mable's: Letting Bands Play for Other Bands Since 2003." um, super love attack is the best new band in town! the hated would be a good band to have at your halloween party. the blakes from LA had some great songs even though I still think it's weird that they call themselves "indie garage rock e-metal punk" or whatever.

the blakes stayed here last night. it was funny because the guitarist stayed in the van (we didn't even see him after the show). the drummer and the bassist made a beeline for the couches and didn't move for like half an hour because they were reading magazines and zines. they looked through our records and movies. It's the kind of thing we would do if we were visiting someon else's house. dwayne had a hard time getting off to bed because he and the drummer, bob, were talking about garage and mod bands. the bassist (snow? sno?) played supernintendo all night and then watched three movies: part of Buxom Beautease (really awkward burlesque dancers from the '50s), part of Magical Mystery Tour and all of Terminal USA. The last band here (the Murdocks I think?) watched Strange Brew and dwayne's years-old Simpsons tape.

kelly: So it looks like you're having company tonight.
me: Yeah, it's kind of a karma thing. People let us crash on their floors when we were on tour, so we try to return the favor. Plus, our house has a lot of space for them.
kelly: It's crazy that you all're gonna have a band stay in your house -- no, I mean, it's not crazy, it's... uh, cool...
me: [hands waggling] Not that there's anything WRONG with that...

also yesterday we visited sickee nazli and watched The Two Towers, except actually only Nazli and Dwayne wanted to watch it, so Josh fell asleep and I went to the grocery and made soup. naz had some gallstones busted up in the hospital and she has to go back to have her gallbladder out. I told everyone to send e-mails to naz via the hospital's so-called e-mail delivery service, but she didn't get any of them. therefore, the hospital sucks. naz is pisssssssed.

after the movie d. ray and I went to the chapel near my old house, for the first time, which as far as I can tell is the only catholic service aimed at college kids, and which I only found out about online after looking for like two years. there were like fifteen girls there. dwayne said it looked like mable's at a show. I couldn't understand the priest too well part of the time. I haven't been to church for a while (don't tell my mom) because I always sleep in and I don't like going to mass in a gym (the point of which so far as I can tell is to force churchgoers to donate more money so they can start building the new church, since they're selling the old church to the school district to be turned to rubble). but I feel like I need a little bit of prayer since my friend is sick and my grandma is getting old and some people I know died. yes?

this is a really long entry and I apologize for letting things build up to this point, but there is just no quality control here at rascality-monkey enterprises.


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