[[groovy musics: college radio in Vancouver]]

9:18 p.m. // 25 November 2003

Me and Dwayne got back from Vancouver and Seattle this morning, 5 a.m. My grandma and my relatives took us all around Vancouver and wore us out and kept us stuffed with Chinese food. Brian and Sarah W. lent us their Cavalier to drive to Canada because they are super-nice. My cousin Royal took us to this gelato place where they make 198 flavors. 198!!! Including garlic, figs with chocolate shavings, durian, apple with cheddar and more.

Also, my grandma bought me a bunch of stuff, mostly clothes. Also, I bought 48 Kindereggs. Serious. They had them at Costco! I smuggled them into the country!

Also, I bounced a huge check to myself, resulting in my debit card getting turned down everywhere, general embarassment and some $120 of fees from my two banks that they reduced to about $70 "as a courtesy." Turns out I had the money, BUT I accidentally put my paycheck in my savings account as a result of a confusing form. Suck suck suck.

My grandma gave me a neckwarmer thing that is made of black rabbit fur. What to do? I couldn't not accept it; I casually mentioned, "Oh, I don't usually wear fur," but grandma is not good at taking hints ("Wow, I wonder what Portugeuse food tastes like?" as I tried to dodge going to eat at another Asian restaurant). I was going to give it to my sister but then grandma sent me back home with ANOTHER dead rabbit fur neckwarmer to give to her. hey!


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